Gridception – Week 1

So here I go. I’ve set myself the aim of posting at least 1 project related blog post a week. This is mainly to force myself to do at least 1 thing a week on the project, because¬†having to write “yeah nothing happened this week” as my entire post is a pretty good motivator. So far, so good, as this is the second week in a row I’ve written something now (admittedly the first one was when I set the site up again, and was only about that but it still counts!)

Not got a huge amount done this week but I have at least started on the project. Just as a reminder, I’m working on a full version of the Ludum Dare game I made last December. That’s called Gridception and you can find it here. The new version is going to stick with the same name as a working title but I really do want to change it at some point. I’ve just not thought of anything better yet.

Today I set myself up with a Bitbucket account, refreshed myself with the code from the original prototype (hint: it’s horrible. Who would have though my code would be so sloppy when making a whole game in 48h?) and started laying the foundations for the nice new codebase. So as I say, not a lot done but I have at least started, which I was very worried I wasn’t going to do. I’ve always found it’s the starting that is the hardest part with this sort of thing, but once I’ve got the ball rolling progress should begin happening a lot faster.

I’m giving myself the ambitious aim of getting this done before the end of this year (preferably before this year’s December Ludum Dare). If I can get close to that then I’ll be happy and getting going¬†before the end of Jan is a good start towards that goal!

Next week I will hopefully have pictures and things because there will actually be something to show off (even if it looks pretty similar to the prototype).

Letting Off Steam – Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes


I have a problem. That problem is a list that’s over 500 games long and growing. This series is an attempt to get through that list. Once a week I’ll write a review of a steam game I’ve been playing. In about 12 years I might get through them all…

Less than 2 hours. That’s how long it took me to finish this game. 10 hours later I’m still playing it. This is why this game is great. This review series would be a whole lot easier if there were more games that had the guts to have a main campaign as short as that.


A New Blog

Hello there! The site is alive again!

Just a quick update. I’ve decided to try out a wordpress blog. Building the original site was fun, and I was all geared up to update that site with publishing abilities and RSS and things. But I’m also wanting to get started on a new game (which is kindof why the site has suddenly become active again after over a year) and re-learning php to set up a website was going to eat a lot of time from that. So instead I’ve decided to try out WordPress seeing as that’s what pretty much everyone else seems to use!

More info on the new game project soon!