Gridception – Week 1

So here I go. I’ve set myself the aim of posting at least 1 project related blog post a week. This is mainly to force myself to do at least 1 thing a week on the project, because having to write “yeah nothing happened this week” as my entire post is a pretty good motivator. So far, so good, as this is the second week in a row I’ve written something now (admittedly the first one was when I set the site up again, and was only about that but it still counts!)

Not got a huge amount done this week but I have at least started on the project. Just as a reminder, I’m working on a full version of the Ludum Dare game I made last December. That’s called Gridception and you can find it here. The new version is going to stick with the same name as a working title but I really do want to change it at some point. I’ve just not thought of anything better yet.

Today I set myself up with a Bitbucket account, refreshed myself with the code from the original prototype (hint: it’s horrible. Who would have though my code would be so sloppy when making a whole game in 48h?) and started laying the foundations for the nice new codebase. So as I say, not a lot done but I have at least started, which I was very worried I wasn’t going to do. I’ve always found it’s the starting that is the hardest part with this sort of thing, but once I’ve got the ball rolling progress should begin happening a lot faster.

I’m giving myself the ambitious aim of getting this done before the end of this year (preferably before this year’s December Ludum Dare). If I can get close to that then I’ll be happy and getting going before the end of Jan is a good start towards that goal!

Next week I will hopefully have pictures and things because there will actually be something to show off (even if it looks pretty similar to the prototype).