Gridception – Week 4


There look I told you I’d have something to show you! Yes it just looks like a pallet swapped version of the prototype (which mostly it is) but there are some new things going on. The main difference is that in the prototype, the grid was just one large sprite in the background. In the new version the grid background is now made of separate tiles (which is what those blue and pink ones are showing) which is useful in a few ways. Firstly I can have some more interesting looking grids because I can vary/randomise the background layout and also possibly animate the tiles separately. It also opens up new gameplay opportunities, as floor tiles could have their own properties or do things when players/blocks move onto them.

Another new thing is that the player now has smooth movement! It may not seem like a big thing but the fact that the player just teleported from space to space in the prototype really bugged me.

Anyway, as I was hinting at last week, it’s nice to actually get something working and moving around on screen, as it should help get the productivity up a bit. There’s still loads of the old code left to implement and refactor but it’s good just to have something to show for the work. By next week I want to have blocks and pushing and everything sorted. Then It’ll be moving onto the grid blocks which will require a substantial rework form their prototype version as they were one of the most hacky bits (other than the restart system which just makes me shudder…).