New Thing


Now that Ludum Dare has got me back into doing stuff at home I’ll try to post more regularly on here. This weekend I made a start on something new. It’s a take on one of my favourite games, Metal Gear Ac!d. MGA was a turn-based, card driven version of the Metal Gear games and it played like no other game I can think of. It has always surprised me that no-one has done a game like it since, so I thought I’d give it a go.

The gif above is just after a few hours work this weekend. The shell of the game, and a lot of the assets came from a rougelike tutorial on the Unity website, but that was mainly so I could get it up and running quickly. I’ve already butchered a lot of the mechanics from that project and I’ll be switching out the assets soon enough.

I’ve got the mechanics of using cards to perform movement up and running, and some basic cost mechanics that drive when each character takes their turn. Next I need to add other uses to the cards (probably just attacking to start with), an actual deck to draw from (currently cards are just spawned randomly), some basic AI (currently enemies just move towards the player on their turn) and set up some initial levels (it’s still using the random generation from that tutorial project at the moment). So it’s nowhere near a playable game yet but I’m pretty happy with how much progress I made in just a few hours.