Ludum Dare 39 – Junk Drawer



Ludum Dare came and went again this weekend and I’ve now increased my streak to 4 in a row. This time I promised myself that I wasn’t going to make another 2D puzzle game and I really wanted to try and do something in 3D. Well I succeeded in that goal at least, even if I didn’t manage to make a proper game. After spending most of the time while making it feeling quite down with the whole thing and not really buying into it, looking back at it I’m actually quite happy with it. It’s more of a little toy than a game, but I’m happy with the bit of modeling that I did and it was a really good way to relearn and put into practice a lot of the things I’d learnt about Blender over the last few months. It means that next time I should hopefully be able to create a bigger, more complete game experience in 3D if I wanted to. Also it turns out the random yellow I used as that floor made for a really nice color scheme!

Anyway give it a go hereĀ at the usual page.